Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University

Satan, Drugs and Black Metal

Drugs wasn’t very popular topic in black metal (as a subgenre of extreme metal established on satanic discourse started from 80s), except very small drugs-oriented scene (see for example band Mysticum). As the contribution argues, partial explanation is the inclination of a part of black metal scene to far-right from early 90s. Nevertheless, things are changing and currently it is possible to observe new openness to drugs also in other subscenes of black metal, for example within the growing scene of ritual black metal where drugs can be used for magic purposes and connecting with hidden dimensions and dark entities. The second part of the contribution will show (based on several interviews with Czech black metal musicians) explanations for using (some) drugs in connection with black metal, with specific focus on a famous artist and black metal musician František Štorm (Master’s Hammer).

Miroslav Vrzal