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An inquiry in “Prague’s good company” (researching in neo-pagan customs and attitudes)

“In Prague’s good company” is one of the periodic meetings that the Czech neo-pagans hold periodically in the main city of the Czech Republic. It is a tradition that refers to similar English Pub Moots already active since the last quarter of the 20th century. Neo-pagans who have been active for some years in some organized group, or people who approach the neo-pagan religiosity for the first time, participate in the meetings of the “good society”, in Prague and also in other cities of the country. The meetings also include a Libation called by the organizers “simple Symbel”. The presentation, in accordance with the ethical principles of field research, will deal with the use or non-use of soft drugs during the meetings of the Prague’s good company and the reason for the use or non-use of these during these meetings.

Giuseppe Maiello